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NOTE: Tardis is useful for W95/W98, but Windows XP has a built-in time correction facility, so probably little benefit from adding Tardis.

Once installed, this program will sit quietly (as an unobtrusive little blue icon down in your toolbox) and do nothing!  But - unseen by you, every time you access the internet, for any reason, it'll buzz off to some observatory-type scientific place around the world, get the EXACT time, then adjust your own PC clock accordingly.
YOU never have to touch it, or even think about - but just relax knowing that YOUR PC is always exactly in sync with everybody else's (wellllll, everybody else who "cares" <g>)


          I N S T R U C T I O N S :

READ these instructions.

CLICK HERE to download the 250k file.

READ these instructions.

Unzip the 5 files into a new folder (call it anything you like - perhaps "C:\Program Files\Tardis" might be a fairly reasonable choice)

In your STARTUP menu add a new shortcut, pointing to "tardis.exe" in that new folder you made.

The first time Tardis runs it will show its window on screen.  I suggest you immediately go into OPTIONS, GENERAL, and set "Start MinImized" AND "Hide if Minimized" both to ON.

Thereafter Tardis should run quietly and efficiently - and never need any attention.  If ever you DO want to activate it manually, simply click the toolbox icon, and bring up the Tardis window.  You can then play with options, check info, or whatever - then simply minimize the window when done.

NOTE: Tardis is Shareware.  This zip file is simply my extraction of the "simplest" form of the program, to save you the hassle of going to the Tardis website and (A) finding the right package, then (B) figuring all sorts of EXTRA stuff available in order to achieve the basic function.

If you LIKE Tardis, and what it can do for you (so well!) - please check in the Tardis Help for the registration details, and consider sending the US$20 to H.C.Bingham-Smith as described there.  *I* think he's done us a marvellous service - "the feature that Microsoft forgot" ?!

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