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. (includes results from 12 tournaments: Dunedin Nov '07 right through to Dunedin Nov '11).

My brand new board and tiles (thank you, SamTimer!) - v. Shirley van Essen, at Dunedin, November `08.

   As did most families back in the 50's, we often played Scrabble at home on Sunday afternoons.   But then, teenage years, other activities etc, and it faded from consciousness.
   I then found CHESS, and spend some years playing that competitively at the local chess club.
   Fast forward to aprox 1985, when a Marian Ross placed a tiny "Scrabble Players Wanted" ad in the local paper.   That led to her (and I!?) forming the Dunedin Scrabble Club, where usually around 20 souls would gather one night a week to match wits against each other.   Fairly soon we hooked up with the national body (NZASP, Association of Scrabble Players) THEN found ourselves travelling to - and even running our own - tournaments !
   I loved this game, and steadily improved until in 1994 at the NZ Masters I ALMOST won, except for the infernal ubiquitous Jeff Grant coming from behind on the 3rd day and consigning me to runner-up.
(And incidentally, Howard Warner, currently NZ #1, reminds me that was HIS first time at 'Masters', and while I was cleaning everyone else up, HE was pleased to thrash me with around 600!)

   But ..... unemployed, skint, and prospectless at the time, I looked ahead to international play (maybe even World Champs) and as affording such things was quite out of the question I basically quit playing altogether - cold turkey.

Until November 2007, when now in completely different circumstances, I happened to hear about the Dunedin tournament, and thought I might use up a weekend that way, for a change of routine - and who knows, maybe even a giggle or two. (And since then I seem to have somehow gotten mildly 'involved' again, at least at a LOCAL level.)

1928 (well within the top 10) was my (inactive) NZ Rating from 1994 till 2007.
1796 was the new figure following a disaster at Dunedin, Nov 07.
1730 was then after playing TOUGH competition in Wellington, Feb 08.
1580 is the new nadir following a 'not bad' performance at Dunedin Masters Games, March 08.
      How Low can I Go ? !?? LOL (Perhaps Christchuch, May 08, will tell.)
1610 Chch, May 08: Seed#6of8 HOORAY! Expected: 4.9 wins, Actual: 6 wins. I've FOUND MY (new) LEVEL ! :-)
1618 Chch, Sep 08: Seed#4of8 Expected: 7.7, Actual: 8. Yes, definitely 'my level' now. May the climb continue! :-)
1622 Dunedin, Nov '08: Seed#4of6 Expected: 6.9, Actual: 7. Oh, still steady, but slooooooooW! :-(
1633 Dunedin, Apr '09: Seed#2of6 Expected: 9.6, Actual: 10. :-) What an amazingly even path !
. . . (and would be over 1650 if I hadn't THROWN that last game! GRRRRRRRRR!! ;-))
1555 Dunedin, Nov '09: Seed#3of6 Expected: 6.9, Actual: 4. :-((( Well, a dirty great earthquake just hit that 'even path'! This time I didn't throw just ONE game, but many - and I'm still not sure HOW!
1550 Dunedin, Mar '10: Seed#3of6 Expected: 6.0, Actual: 6.0, but only after a late surge! EXCELLENT warmup for NEXT weekend. :-)
1559 NZ Masters, Dunedin, Easter '10: Seed#22of24 Expected: 5.7, Actual: 6.0 I guess maybe I HAVE found my (new) level!? :-(
1641 Chch, May '10: Seed#8of8 Expected: 4.1, Actual: 7. Hooray, I'm happy in the 1600s.
1581 Dunedin, Nov '10: Seed#2of6 Expected: 9.2, Actual: 7. Oops, the yoyo effect continues.
1525 Dunedin, Apr '11: Seed#1of6 Expected: 11, Actual: 9. Arghhh, being seeded #1 can hurt! Is THIS my nadir ? :-(
1637 Chch, Oct '11: Seed#8of8 Expected: 4.2, Actual: 8. Seems Chch agrees with me. (Maybe the water!? LOL)
xxxx Dunedin, Nov '11: Seed#3of6 Expected: 7.1, Actual: x.

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