This page dedicated to David Griffiths - for inspiration and encouragement.   Feb 2000
...and thanks too to Colette, for requesting I UPDATE it!  May 2002
  "MAKE your OWN" WebPage

YES, YOU  CAN  !!!

WHOEVER you are, friend, you can make your very own personal web page (with help!)

AND - these methods are all F_R_E_E !

There are basically 2 ways to create your own (free) website:-

(1) The HARD WAY

   On your own PC, create your own file (called an `HTML file`), either via a simple text editor (e.g. NotePad) or by using a proper 'HTML editor' (e.g. Netscape Composer, MS FrontPage, etc).  The HTML editors mean you don't need to understand HTML code, but you DO need to understand how to work your particular editor!
   Then, upload that file to your own ISP which probably offers free use of webspace for its users (check with them first).  Then simply tell your friends the URL (web address) and they can all visit YOUR website.

(THIS site is one of these, hosted completely on my own ISP - currently - so FULLY under my control)

(2) The EASY WAYs

   Many many sites offer not only free webSPACE but also free and relatively easy ways to CREATE your website there too.  The downsides may be (A) these sites generally insist on some form of (their!) advertising being displayed on your site, (B) they often operate on a fairly fixed format, so you don't have FULL control over how your site will look, and (C) you are at their mercy IF ever they decide to change their rules, such as to start charging for the service, or even going out of business.

 HOWEVER, we all need to START somewhere, and I'd strongly recommend you begin by selecting an "Easy" way..... such as...... :-

METHOD 1 - 'ASL.TO' - Intended just as a personal page ABOUT YOU, this should just take a few minutes to create, basically by just filling in the various details.  This webpage will be of limited value, but at least it is YOUR PERSONAL website - a start !

METHOD 2 - 'WebShots"   - These pages are designed only to store and display your PHOTOS rather than lots of text or links to other sites.  But an excellent way to share your photos, rather than emailing them to friends just give friends the address, and let them visit, look, and maybe download at their convenience.

METHOD 3 - 'WebSpawner' - may take you an hour to create, for the full version (but you could make a "basic" version in just 10 minutes or so).    The result is a truly "personal" page, with YOUR photo at the top, your choice of patterned background, your email address, and up to 6 links to other websites.  (All these are of YOUR choice, and each of course is quite optional).

Whereas ASL-TO and WEBSHOTS are really designed for specific purposes, WEBSPAWNER is one of the many offering much more scope... you CAN do almost anything with a WebSpawner site, even embedding your own HTML code direct if you wish.

METHOD 4  - "Other" - This includes places like GeoCities, Tripod, FreeServers, etc etc.

   I've never seriously used any, but I guess each in their various way offers a somewhat similar service to WebSpawner, though with free access to a lot more features.
   And, like WebSpawner, they can be updated from anywhere in the world, via any ISP, as long as you remember YOUR password.
   BUT - most if not all put various self-advertising panels or banners around your site, some sent repeated junk mail to users, and I suspect ALL are at least somewhat more COMPLICATED than WebSpawner.

Method 1 - ""


INSTRUCTIONS: Go to that EXAMPLE page (which is mine).   Then, at that page, simply use the "SIGNUP" section near the top, then follow your nose.

   Soon, instead of repeatedly TELLING new internet friends the basic details of who you are etc, you can simply tell them to visit .

Method 2 - WebShots


INSTRUCTIONS: Go to that EXAMPLE page (which is mine).   Then, at that page, simply use the "SIGNUP" section near the top, then follow your nose.

Once set up, Create an Album for yourself, then upload a photo or picture to it, from your hard drive.  Today - one.  Tomorrow, perhaps you will have 100 photos there, neatly arranged in 5 or 10 separate 'albums'.

Method 3 - "WebSpawner"


INSTRUCTIONS: Go to that EXAMPLE page (which is a friend of mine).   Click on the "WebSpawner Page Machine" link there.   This takes you to the "WebSpawner" site, where you basically just follow your nose, and see what you come up with.

   Anything you don't understand, just ignore it.  When done it will show you the finished product, and you can easily then go back and make changes as you wish, until it's exactly how you want it.  For a very basic page yes, just a few minutes and it's done.

But, let's ENHANCE it a bit, to make it look as attractive as the EXAMPLE page.......

(You can go back ANY time, and make changes or improvements to your page)

First, find a nice picture on your computer, hopefully no more than about 50k (even 200k would "work", but be quite slow).   Note where this picture is (e.g. C:\My Documents\Holiday\MeAndDog.jpg) - then where the page asks "Image - Y/N ?" say yes.  It will then ask you for the location (or "pathname") for your picture, and it then copies the picture from your PC into your web page.

And for some interesting LINKS from your page, just find some sites you'd like to "link" to, and copy their URLs in the spaces provided.  (I think the WebSpawner link is compulsory - it ALWAYS sits at #1 <G>)

  NOTE:- WebSpawner are great folks (in my opinion!)   The "catch" is mainly that while they offer these "basic" sites totally free to all, they also offer many more advanced features too - for a cost.   Obviously they would like you to eventually move up to something better on their site - BUT - I have been with them now for some years, and NEVER been pressured whatsoever to upgrade.   They seem quite happy to offer the service, and just hope that users may CHOOSE later to use their full range of services.
   The only "advertising" (a necessary evil, for "free" places ;-)) they "force" on your page is a banner ad at top - though in the Example David has chosen to have that banner in a separate window, so users can simply delete it if they wish - and a tidy line or two at bottom.

Method 4 - other various "free website" places.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply choose any of these links (or find others for yourself), read the instructions there, signup or whatever they ask, and follow your nose (but don't ask ME for help ;-))   . . Good Luck !

But before you venture too far into any, check a few examples, and be aware of how intrusive - or otherwise - any built-in advertising is.

http://angelfire.lycos .com/doc/zones/build.html

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