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Some sites *I* find interesting or entertaining.

I hope you might enjoy some too.  :-)

GroupBoard page - Up to 5 people can DRAW freehand (or Play Live GAMES!) together here!  

GuestMap page - Shows site visitors on World Map. Make YOUR mark :-)  

ClustrMaps - like "GuestMap", but automatic :- Locations of visitors to this page

Internet Traffic Report - shows density and fluctuations in global internet load over the past 7 days.

Earth View - FASCINATING !  See the earth from space, as it is this very moment.  Very flexible.

Aerial picture (or map) of Dunedin - this takes a bit of finding, but you can eventually see YOUR house and area from the air, with many options including zoom in or out.
(1) Click the link;
(2) Enter your street address, then 'Search';
(3) Click on the address, which now shows as a link under 'Search Results';
(4) As it will say, 'pick map type and click globe';
(5) Voila, your house ! - Now you can pan, zoom, etc using the controls in top left.

For an EXAMPLE aerial pic of Roslyn (quality reduced to save space), Click HERE


Real satellite pics, of ANY part of U.S.A.
Sorry, the original site that could zoom in to actual house level appears no longer available (well, 'free' version anyway) - so THIS is as close as I can get you.
This example may show the area near Philadelphia where ScottieDHC lives, but you can 'search' for whatever (USA only!) address you want, then choose from variety of shots available - but note, without PAYING you cannot zoom in very far.

How Far Is It ? - Find distance between any 2 cities on earth, then see maps of each.


DATE FORMAT - why do my dates (as per very top of page) look "funny" ? Visit here to learn about the International Standard Date/Time Notation, and start understanding and using a truly INTERNATIONAL and unambiguous date format.

Marko Kavcic (a.k.a. Flying Dog Fish). Well worth a visit if you like computer GAMES, or even just a superb example of how good a personal website can be, or to check out a Slovenian sense of humor!

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WARNING!!!! - This game works, but does NOT record/show any high scores (as yet). . . Ian, April 07

Now, I scored 44/51 on this in my first try - but I was a bit careless!
See if you can do better . . . . (LOOPY!?)

(Sorry, it doesn't record High Scores - can't have everything :-( )
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