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Ian Patterson was born in 1946, in Dunedin, New Zealand's 4th city (arguably), with population 100,000.   His body has lived in Dunedin to this day - but since finding BBSes (computer "Bulletin Boards", a kind of "local level internet") around 1995, followed by The Internet itself in May 1997, his spirit and being now feel at home not in Dunedin, or any particular town or country - but just "on the internet" (as Eagle_Kiwi).

The internet is not IN the world - it IS the world.  It is LIFE.  Just as long as one happens to have the occasional scrap of food and a bit of warmth etc to keep the physical body going - AND most essentially a reliable computer, phone line, and ISP :-)   then the internet IS a whole life.  People, places, people, information, friends, entertainment, people, stimulation, love, caring, people.... what more can one ask ?

On a practical side, my first involvement with 'computers' (back then 'PC' meant nothing - not even 'Politically Correct'!) came back in 1966 when I began work as a programmer, at Allied Computer Processors Ltd.
Due to the huge cost of owning/using computers back then, ACP was a "bureau", formed to offer services to many companies around town.   I believe our computer installed in late 1966 was the FIFTH in Dunedin, preceded by DCC, Cadburys, the University, and one other.
(We charged clients $100/hour for computer processing time alone!).

Since then I've had various positions mainly in office situations, but usually related to computers, including 8 years as Computer Manager at Champion Appliances, and 10 in my current position at Citilab (where I work just Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).
These areas include plenty of 'teaching' of staff on computer use. I've also had much teaching experience in my various hobbies, especially softball scoring (where I was Chief Scorer/Statistician for New Zealand) and also Scrabble (where I reached ranking #4 in N.Z.).

But in recent years my spare time has been all internet, including much contact with users worldwide, especially the many 'seniors' out there who love this new game, but are just unsure of all the 'rules'.

My Partner - Dear Vicki (BlueCarnation200)  

My 'other' website - YAHOO  360 . which is newer, and has up to date info, including an ongoing blog.

PHOTO Gallery - Various Albums, including PALTALK  FRIENDS, courtesy WebShots, good people!  

An older group Details of friends on 'HearMe', sadly now extinct, but WAS the best free Voice program ever!

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