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   W E L C O M E   
 Are you over 50 (like me!) ?
  Are you in Dunedin (like me!) ?
  Would you like more ENJOYMENT from, and UNDERSTANDING of, your PC and the internet ??

Perhaps I can help. Over 40 years' computer experience, the last 10 of those intensively on the internet, have given me wide understanding, and I have helped hundreds of friends in that time.
   I also understand PEOPLE, and can impart information at YOUR pace, for YOU - just the things YOU want to know.

   This site includes many various useful tools, but is meant more as a point of contact, and useful references, rather than a standalone PC tutorial.

   May I ask that you contact me, and we might arrange a personal talk where we can discuss YOUR needs, problems, doubts, wishes, in your internet journey. [Refer 'Contact' at top of page]

   But preferably email me (sitek[at]eaglekiwi.com) with YOUR contact details, and a suitable time to call.

You can HEAR me (briefly) now if you want.
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Ian Patterson (Eagle_Kiwi)
48N Ravelston St
I do this because I enjoy it, as a spare time hobby, but...

Click below to send me US$10 via PayPal, IF you wish to allow me more time to continue helping others.


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